Established by Simon Banks, entrepreneur and CSL Group founder, TBF is a not-for-profit family foundation. Simon, a staunch supporter of guiding young individuals into the IoT, Security, and Electrotechnical sectors, initiated TBF to contribute back after a lifelong career in the security industry.

Also the founder and Director of CSL Group, established in 1996 as a critical communications provider. He holds the title of the longest-serving Chairman of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) and serves as a current board member of the National Security Inspectorate (NSI). Additionally, Simon spearheads the Skills for Group as its Co-owner and Executive Chairman, dedicated to advancing apprenticeships and skills in the Electrotechnical domain, facilitating the career paths of thousands of young individuals. Simon participated in the UK Government’s Trailblazer initiative to form the apprenticeship framework for the Fire, Emergency and Security national curriculum. In 2022, Simon's philanthropic spirit led to the creation of The Banks Foundation, aimed at identifying innate entrepreneurial talent, recognising that certain individuals possess an intangible quality crucial for wealth creation, benefiting thousands of peoples’ lives.

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