Finding Entrepreneurs 

An exciting new joint initiative between TBF, The South Somerset 14-19 Partnership, South Somerset District Council, Yeovil College and Young Enterprise, to deliver a range of enterprise and entrepreneurial opportunities for young people in the South Somerset area.
13 institutions (including secondary schools, the College and special school) will be participating in a range of programmes across this academic year that focus on enterprise and developing entrepreneurial skills.  Over 700 young people will be involved in a range of activities from running their own businesses (with business mentors) to understanding about managing money and knowing what employers are looking for and future career routes.
Student tasks will include taking part in Motivational Business Workshops, Dragon's Den events and participating in regional, national and international 'Best Business' competitions, that involve creating best products/services and making the most profit from just £10!'.

Dr Julie Young
Post 16 Adviser
Somerset County Council